Silver Lake Strong

(Save the Village of Silver Lake, Wisconsin)

On November 4th, 2014 there was a binding referendum held in Silver Lake, Wisconsin that determined the future of the village and its government.

A petition was filed by some residents forcing the decision to dissolve the village or to continue with the current Village Board of Trustees and independent government.

The results of that referendum soundly and strongly asserted the will of the people to remain a village, enjoying the many benefits the that state affords such government divisions.

Those same negative citizens who represented the advancement of the Town of Salem over the independence of the Village of Silver Lake are still working to dissolve and destroy our village.  They won the spring election and now control the village board by a margin of 5 to 2.

The purpose of this website is to present reasons why it is not necessary to dissolve the village, nor is it in the best interests of the citizens who reside therein.

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The Village Board elected in April of 2015 promised change.

They repeatedly, in writing, promised vague change, but would never tell their plans.

By October of 2015, in just 6 short months they:

Now they are making early noises about combining our sewer district with Salem.

In order to dissolve a village a vote MUST be taken by the citizens.

Bankrupting the village seems to be the goal of this administration in order to force the citizens to comply.

You can do your part by staying informed and by regularly attending the meetings of the Board.  Many people are so sure we cannot save the village any longer that they have given up caring.  If it were just an issue of whether we have local control to decide when our streets will be paved or if we can put flags on flagpoles to decorate for holidays, it would not be worth the struggle.  But we are faced with the definite threat of a huge increase in both property taxes and fire insurance rates.  We are faced with snow removal at a far slower pace than in the past. To see how this dissolving into the town of Salem could affect us, please see the reasons list on the Why Remain a Village Page of this website.

The contract with Salem that was agreed to by our Village Board on September 24, 20015 can be downloaded here.

The contract between Town of Salem and the Silver Lake Rescue Squad, Inc. Can be downloaded here.

There has been no public discussion of what the Silver Lake Fire and Rescue Auxiliary will do now that technically there will no longer be a Silver Lake Fire Department as of Jan. 1, 2016.